Petting My Dear Friend, The Chucho

Petting My Dear Friend, The Dog

If you come to this web site looking for artistic or touristic photographs from Guatemala, you’ve come in vein because here you can only find “everyday images” from La Antigua Guatemala. Today’s image is no exception.

As a matter of fact, I captured the golden kitten petting his best friend, the chucho, while out buying tortillas for lunch as in Guatemala you buy freshly made tortillas for every meal, for los tres tiempos pues. So there I was, walking the three or four blocks to the tortillerí­a where Manolo took his tortilla-making lessons and half way there I found this everyday image. I am glad I make a conscious effort to ALWAYS carry the camera with me so I can catch as many ordinary-daily-life pictures as possible.

Today’s photo is not as good as the one shown in Partners in Adversity, but good enough to show the affection between two best friends.

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