The Burning of Judas Iscariot on Holy Saturday

Rudy Giron: Instagrams &emdash; Judas Iscariote awaits what's coming to him at 6pm on this Saturday

In many places of Guatemala on Holy Saturday an effigy of Judas Iscariote is burned. For those who don’t know who Juda Escariot was, according to the New Testament, he was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ. He is infamously known for his kiss and betrayal of Jesus to the hands of the chief Sanhedrin priests in exchange for a payment of thirty silver coins.

In Guatemala where just about everyone is a pyromaniac, Holy Saturday provides yet another opportunity to burn something, in this case the image of Judas Iscariot, but not before reading aloud his will where he tells on many of the neighbours. The figure is placed on a public place many members of the community get together for the reading of his testament and burning, which in this case was the village of San Gaspar Vivar at 6pm.

Aside: I was asked by the organizer, a humble old man, if I could fix the tie as it seemed no one knew how to tie a necktie in this neighbourhood. Of course, neither did I. 🙁

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