Today’s Día del Cariño y La Amistad in Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Guatemalan father and daughters on motorcycle

Here’s Guatemalan illustrated word of the day: Cariño for sweetie, honey, darling, tenderness, affection, etc.

Cariño is such a versatile Spanish word; it can mean honey as ven cariño, come here, honey, or sweetie and darling; it can also be used as tenderness [dilo con cariño]. Cariño can also mean love, dear, and affection, as in Día del Cariño or Day of Affection, which is I believe it is the best translation for February 14 in Guatemala, as opposed to simply Valentine’s Day. Día del cariño is the day to show your love and care for everyone else, from friends to family and love ones.

I send you my best wishes for this Day of Affection from Antigua Guatemala.

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