Mermaids from Main Fountain at Central Park

Mermaid in the Fountain at Central Park

Just two days ago I was showing the original mermaids in the Santiago Museum and I said I did not have a close-up shot of the existing mermaids from the main fountain in Parque Central so you can compare them. The closes thing was the main fountain in Even the Fountains Take a Break. Thanks to Christina from Omaha DP for providing a link to a close up of the mermaids from her last trip to Guatemala. That day I went to take a few shots on my lunch hour so I can do this follow up. Here is an even closer look at the mermaids; there are four of them.

Tomorrow, May 10th, is Mother’s Day in Guatemala. I am sending big hugs and kisses to my own mother now living in Las Vegas; I miss you very much!

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  • Jerry

    A funny story…upon my last arrival in Antigua, we headed to the Park to take photos, and my aunt (who works at an art school) had me move to one side so that she would not get a full on shot of the mermaids’s fountains in the photo. Way too funny. The fountains are one of my favorite places in Antigua. I love all of the activity that goes on around them. All of the people watching, the sellers, ice cream vendors, school kids, and everyday life in your beautiful city. I will return soon….

  • Great photo. This so mad me laugh. 🙂

  • Very nice photographs. Mother’s Day is celebrated here on Sunday.

  • A nice Photograph and it is one of my favourites.

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