Crypts in San Lázaro Cemetery

Crypts in San Lazaro Cemetery in La Antigua Guatemala

The only underground crypts that I saw in the San Lázaro Cemetery in La Antigua Guatemala are in this green lot, located all the way in the rear of the cemetery. These crypts are in the west end of the cemetery and thus protected, somehow, from floods by the many mausoleums in the front of the cemetery. Wealth could also be factor. This lot represents a very small percentage of the size of the cemetery, so I believe, this section is allocated for the very poor. Once again, the white color is present in las tumbas (tombs) and it is very rare for a Latin American cemetery to only be painted in white. The mystery continues…

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  • I like this cemetery photo more than the others. It has an unorganised feel about it which is more welcoming. Good luck with solving the mystery!

  • The lush green grass and trees would make this an ideal spot to be layed to rest. Comforting.

  • i don’t know about your mistery but in western culture white is pure, life so perhaps this is a wish for bringing the dead back to live again. who knows as i told you 2000 years ago they were doing this white washing.

  • Rudy, I remembered your post ( natural paint textures and how the high humidity affected the stone walls. This could be one reasion for the whitewashing of the stone crypts and mausoleums. The color white would seem to be the logical color for this. Of course I could be wrong but it makes sense to me.

  • Lucky

    I like people in this cemetery use only the white color for the tumbs. Maybe it is a rule from the administration but I think they have a very quiet look that invites to pray for the souls whose bodies are keeping in it.

  • MaggieD

    Is everyone o.k. after the volcano? Any damage? …and I was SO looking forward to my trip down there in 2 weeks! Ah, well, it’s either take my chances with a volcano or stay here in NC in the 104F heat! Am really enjoying the cemetary series and look forward to checking this out when I get there. I have been to Antiqua twice, but you have opened up a whole new world through your site. Thank you!

  • MaggieD, Volcán de Fuego is an active volcano which goes into eruption every so often during the year. Volcán de Fuego is far away enough not to cause any damages to La Antigua Guatemala, unless the whole volcano blow up, but since it is active all the time and thus releasing a lot of its energy at intervals that is a remote possibility. Come on down!

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