Healthy Lunch: Chef Salad and The New Yorker

Healthy Lunch: Chef Salad and The New Yorker

Every once in a while is good to stop eating Guatemalan food and eat something healthy, like a chef salad from La Fuente restaurant. A salad and the New Yorker Magazine is what I consider a healthy lunch. The article about an unknown photographer by the name of Eugene De Salignac and his photo of painters spreading out like musical notes on the Brooklyn Bridge, over the sky line of New York, was most definitely the best dessert I have had in a long while.

Bon Appettite, mes amis!

We are off to the Silvio Rodrí­guez concert in Guatemala City.

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  • I, as one of the casualties of your happiness, forgive you… Have fun in the concert and be careful on your travel to and from La 9. Please remember those who live vicariously through your lens. 🙂

  • LD

    Good thing you’ve got an egg in that salad. You’ll need some pre-concert protein for all the photos you’ll be snapping.

  • Looks delicious as well as healthy.

  • When the weather gets hotter we eat lots of that kind of salads, with lots of olive Oil, of course, that’s always the secret 🙂

  • celeste

    this salad looks similar to a dish called “fiambre” that we eat in Guatemala during semana santa(holy week)