Spanish-tile Roof Pattern

Spanish-tile Roof Pattern in Antigua

We, graphic designers, are a weird bunch. We like thinks like patterns, textures, colors, signs, letter shapes, shapes, you name it; if it is visual we’re hooked. Since I am, after all, a graphic designer, please forgive my indulgences every once in a while.

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  • Your new homepage layout almost gave me a heart attack! But I’m happy to see things are still the same once you click on an entry. Are the changes so that people can get your feed on their iphones without having to load all the pictures?
    I like the detail of this foto. I love how tile roofs look from up above, too.

  • Hello, how are you? I am so glad that I stumble over your site. I am nostalgic about my Guatemala and you help me love it more and more every day with these beautiful pictures you share with us (your readers); keep the good work and congratulations!