Taking A Short Break

Taking A Short Break

Often we hear that Guatemala is a country of contrasts. Even I try to show it often and what better way to show the contrasts of Guatemalan women than yesterday’s photograph of capitalinas sporting the latest garments in fashion and today’s picture of three indigenous women wearing the traditional corte or Guatemalan hand-woven skirt.

I was lucky to capture these beautiful Guatemalan women taking a short break from selling their handicrafts the passing tourists on Calle del Arco.

What do you think of the series Guatemalan women so far?

© 2010 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Interesting site.
    Thank you for sharing.


  • Tom LaMothe

    How could I not like this series? After all, in 2009 I did my own “Women of Antigua” series, as you know!

    • Tom, I know, I promise I will publish them here. BTW, almost every month we publish one of your cartoons in Revue.

      • Tom LaMothe

        I know, thanks. But when I saw this series I couldn’t help thinking of our conversation. BTW I still have to finish the Men of Antigua series. When I do I’ll send them your way.

  • Manolo

    Two thumbs up for the series. It helps to show that Guatemalan colours and shades are everywhere and are part of the beauty of the land of Eternal Spring (R).

  • Eclipsedeluna

    Rudy, cuando te vas de paseo por Guate y colectas fotos de los diferentes trajes tipicos de las Mujeres Chapinas?? 🙂 hay tantos diferentes trajes que son tan bellos. Yo en lo especial soy tremenda admiradora de el traje tipico de mi gente en Quetzaltenango! las Quetzaltecas con sus faldas amplias y el disco que se ponen en la cabeza (hecho con la cinta) y el traje de Totonicapan! 🙂

    Saludos! gracias por mantener mi Guate Viva en mi mente todos los dias!!. He vivido mi Guate por tus ojos estos ultimos años.

  • @Eclipsedeluna y otros, cuándo quieran mostrarme su apoyo y aprecio, puden hacer una micro donación pulsando el botón DONATE que se encuentra justo debajo del menú principal es la barra de la izquierda. Todas las donaciones son bienvenidas. 😉

  • Erick

    Are you sure these are Chapinas? How do you know they’re taking a break…did you ask them? =P

    Awesome contrast between today and yesterday’s pictures.

    • @Erick, you are so right; perhaps they are from the Independent State of Los Altos and not taking a break at all, rather holding a sales strategic meeting. 😉

  • NicWirtz

    Out of shot is the projector and white board 😀

  • Eric

    I’m all for this series, Rudy (no surprise, I know!). Y gracias por la photo de las indigenas–they win over ‘Snooky’ in my heart any day. 🙂
    This photo reminds me … I don’t have nearly enough weavings (stacked in piles) around my apartment. I’ve got to find a way to get back to the Vortex!

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