Guatemalan Cuisine: Subanik

Guatemalan Cuisine: Subanik by Rudy Girón

Guatemala is a country with lots of stews. Let’s call Guatemala, Stew country!

Just yesterday Arturo Godoy was sharing with us the photos he took at La Cocina del Obispo, which included a not too tempting shot of Subanik. Since I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about one of the most important dishes in the Guatemalan gastronomy, I decided to immediately share with you another version of Subanik. 😉

Subanik, also known as “God’s meal”, is the perfect bowl of hot reddish-orange broth according to Cia from Writing With My Mouthfull. Subanik is a ceremonial dish of the Kaqchiquel Maya of Guatemala. It is traditionally steamed in a nest of about 6 to 8 large mashan leaves tied at the top with cibaque, or decorative rope according information shared by Brigid Schulte for The Washington Post.

Luckily for us, both articles include recipes in English to prepare Subanik in the United States, both articles also include recommendations for substituting ingredients not available in the U.S. and Canada.

Without further ado, here are the recipes for Subanik in English:

  • Subanik: 8 servings, this recipe includes nutrition facts. This Subanik recipe is adapted from a recipe of the Antigua Cooking School in Antigua, Guatemala.
  • Subanik: Guatemalan stew recipe adapted from Ezekiel, the chef for La Lancha, a retreat in Lake Petén Itza.

Please, let me know if you try cooking Subanik at home from these recipes?

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  • Hello Rudy, can you tell us the name of the restaurant where you had that delicious dish? It looks incredible!

    • @José, no I can’t, well, if I do I will have to ki… It’s a small comedor without a name, we call it “La cocina de Rosario” and is located a few meters north of Las Obras Sociales del Hermano Pedro, on 3a avenida sur. As always, I added an entry for it in Foursquare, look it up. 😉

      • Thanks!! not sure why when I see something I like, one of the things that come to mind is: “where’s that??” and if I get the info I add it to a list of pending thing 🙂

        Foursquare? That’s new to me, I’ll check it out, provecho!