Puyaso and Lomito Are The Most Popular Beef Cuts in Guatemala

Rudy Giron: RudyGiron.com &emdash; Puyaso y Lomito de Nifu Nifa

You can order many beef cuts in Guatemala, but by far lomito and puyaso are the most popular beef steaks in Guatemala. Often you can order a pyrex for two with just lomito, puyaso or both, which is called mixto. In Guatemala, whenever we mix we call it mixto or mixta. In the picture, you can tell puyaso from lomito by the rim of fat that comes with puyaso.

I have explained before that Chuparrasco is when Guatemalans mix the barbecuing with drinking in a social gathering. Parrillada is another word we use often in Guatemala to describe a charcoal-grilled meat sampler. Normally, a parrillada includes chicken, lomito and puyaso beef stakes, pork chops, chorizo (red sausage) and longaniza (white sausage). You can order parrillada (grilled meats) for two or more people; almost never for one person. At restaurants, parrilladas are served with either baked potatoes, French fries, or salads and chimichurri. I guess I will have to do another entry for chimicurri.

What are the English names for the lomito and puyaso cuts?

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  • Willy

    With the rim of fat on the puyasa, it seems to resemble a NY strip steak. Yes, no?

    • I wouldn’t know Willy, who can confirm it for us?

      El 11/06/2013, a las 06:59, “Disqus” escribió:

    • 4 Years in Xela

      Viuda is the Guatemala equivalent of NY strip – though often tougher but more more flavorful.

      • Thanks for sharing this info. Now we know.

  • 4 Years in Xela

    I’d always been curious about what part of the beast it came from. It seems it is the top sirloin – above the bottom sirloin and the tenderloin – though it appears to be cut differently here.