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Garden Art: Monkey Sculptures

Business owners take note, how do you take something as mundane as a parking lot and turn it into a delightful experience? …


Garden Art: Rabbit Sculpture

I really like these ceramic sculptures found in the green areas of Santo Domingo del Cerro. I especially like this rabbit. I …


Garden Art: Horse Sculptures

These beautiful and playful sculptures can be found in the green areas of Santo Domingo del Cerro, one of my favorite destinations …


Garden Art: Owl Sculpture

I know that to keep abundant richly verdant mountains in Guatemala we have to have a 6-month rainy season. But, enough is …


Marimba Sculpture

Here’s a marimba sculpture found in Santo Domingo del Cerro representing Guatemala’s national musical instrument. How you like it? He aquí una …


Garden Tools Art

For artists, limitations are only proof that creativity knows no limits. Take for instance simple garden tools and look at what an …


Santo Hermano Pedro Sculpture

Perhaps sculpture is not the right word, but I can’t think of a better word right now to describe this giant metal …