Talking About the Future Under the New Social Democratic Government

Talking About the Future Under the New Social-Democratic Government

Like these two ladies, many Guatemalans sit to talk about the future under the new Social Democratic Government that will take office tomorrow, January 14, 2008. Like these two ladies, many have esperanza (hope) in the future with a new Social Democratic president. Like these two ladies, many wonder if the new Social Democratic cabinet will be more inclusive and responsive to the needs of the masses and hope that just having one woman Ministra and one indigenous Ministro (Secretary of an executive department) in a country where 60% of the population are indigenous and at least, if not more, 50% of the population are women, will not be a handicap when the times comes to address the needs of the aforementioned people, which in turn represent the majority of the population. Like these two ladies, many Guatemalans hope for an end to the violent crimes, femicides, insecurity, discrimination on the basis of gender and ethnic background and injustice; just to mention the most pressing issues. Like these two ladies, Guatemalans just want the promised “Solid and Everlasting Peace” in the Peace Accords of 1996.

Let’s hope for the better…

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  • Herber

    You are absolutely right. Let’s Hope for the better…. Regarding the pic, it seems like they are twins

  • coltrane_lives

    May the future of Guatemala be blessed with much peace under the new order. This is a great shot because it is so sincere in the moment.

  • I am happy to share the news with my fellow Social Democrats in the USA who all wish the people of Guatemala well in their chosen future for more freedoms and social justice.

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