Celebrating Physical Activity in La Antigua Guatemala

Celebrating Physical Activity

Once again, La Antigua Guatemala’s Parque Central and the streets around it served as scenario for a celebration. This time the Central Park was taken by the physical education teachers for La Antigua Guatemala and Guatemala City to celebrate physical activity as a way to live a healthy life with the family.

Since I took several shots, I think we will use some of the other photos to talk about obesity in Guatemala in comparison with the figures for the U.S.A., Spain and Mexico. Unless you tell me otherwise, I will do a mini series on the celebration of physical activity and education in La Antigua Guatemala.

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  • This sounds like an interesting series. I often wonder, having only spent 4 days in Guate, how representative the education system in Antigua is of the rest of the country? I assume it’s quite a bit better, and I understand that the the Mayan western part of Guatemala is a totally different world from the eastern (“oriente”) part. It’s just that I’m often pleasantly surprised by the high quality of arts and education in La Antigua as you present it here.
    As an aside, kind of related to the subject of physical activity, could you sometime do a post about horseback riding in Antigua? I rode at Ravenscroft Stables while I was there 2 years ago, and I don’t know if that nice English couple is still doing rides, but it was a blast. How often does one get the chance to ride a horse to the top of a volcano? And, of course, horses are beautiful photo subjects!

  • I love those giant balloon slides! When I know the event organizers, I always try to get a few slides in before the opening and the kids arrive. 😉

    If you scale down the size of the church and the park, this view can be almost anywhere in the Philippines. Because we were a Spanish colony, many of our towns are centered around the church, with a plaze in front of it and the municipio on the other side.

  • A great mix of images. A stately building and a blow up castle filled with kids. Excellent!