Guatemalan Fruit: Mamey

Guatemalan Fruit: Mamey

Okay everyone, I solemnly declare this week as the Zapotes (sapotes) and other such exotic tropical fruits week.

Sapote or tzapotl is a Nahuatl language word for a soft, edible fruit. The word is incorporated into the common names of several unrelated fruit-bearing plants native to Mexico, Central America and northern parts of South America. (source: Wikipedia)

We will begin our ride with Mamey, also known as the South American sapote (Quararibea cordata = Matisia cordata), family Malvaceae, a species of tree native to the Amazon Rainforests of Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru; according to Wikipedia.

Next in line, we will have the what’s normally known as zapote in Guatemala or sapote mamey in Mexico. After that, we will take a look at the purple caimito, another kind of zapote. There are jocotes de marañon and mangos de pashte on our plate this week. Quick, go hide the scale because we are going to have a fruity tropical mystery tour.

But before we continue, please tell me if you ever had mamey (South American sapote) and if not, why not?

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  • Abdiel

    i tried it when i went to Guatemala in Dec/Jan for the first time in my life. It was soo delicious. I brought some back home[Dallas] to my family. My parents hadnt had it in over 15 years

  • @Abdiel, what do you mean the first time in your life, aren’t you Guatemalan?

  • Claudia

    Abdiel, how did you get it past customs? IN the previous years, my grandmother’s wrapped jocotes inside bags, inside socks inside my suitcase and I had been able to ‘sneak them in’ I was always so scared that customs would find them and of what fate would await me . . -I love this fruit too – actually I don’t think there is a tropical fruit i don’t like – Rudy – do you know what granadillas, or grenadillas are? funny story – my dad always taught us the name for the grenadillas/granadillas was mocos, unbeknownst to me the proper name is grenadillas – you can imagine the mercado lady’s face when I asked her ‘ hey, tiene unos mocos que me venda?’ .. she paused for a moment and I described the fruit and she found it for me. . . . pretty embarrassing. 😛

  • My mouth is watering just looking of that photo. I love your blog btw…even if it makes me a little melancholic. Keep up the great work!

  • Chris O

    Just purchased one yesterday at our local Mexican grocery store….looking forward to giving it a try later today.

    • Awesome Chris, let’s know what you think of it.

  • Lorena Perez Quan

    we don´t have the luck to have it here in Uruguay, they even don´t know it!

    • Hi Lorena, I’m sure they have other stuff we don’t have in Guatemala, right?

  • Lorena Perez Quan

    not really Rudy, the regular fruits are apples, peaches, strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe and pears… plumbs, and cherries (sometimes, mostly in Argentina… in Uruguay are so expensive)… they import some mangoes (almost US $5.00 each) and pineapples US$4.00 each)… so we have a tropical paradise in Guatemala!