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Typical Vista from Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Giron

Typical Vista from Antigua Guatemala

My commitment has always been to bring you typical quotidian stamps from Antigua Guatemala. Unfortunately our beautiful enchanting little town also happens …

The aesthetics of abandonment by Rudy Girón

The aesthetic of abandonment

If there ever it was a place where abandonment looks good that would be La Antigua Guatemala, which by the way is …


Perspective Is Everything!

Yes, perspective is everything! If you don’t believe me compare the Tea Partiers and the Occupy Wall Street movement, since both share …


Quotidian Corner Life

You don’t have to give your soul to the Devil as as Robert Johnson did at the crossroads to enjoy the quotidian …


Photographing Antigua Corners

It looks like I am not the only one who enjoys photographing corners. Here I captured a fellow photographer who was photographing …


Guatemalan Women Are Moving!

I am happy to report that slowly but surely Guatemalan women are moving into all the positions they deserve. Two good friends …