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September Days are Flag Days

As I have explained in previous years, during the first two weeks of September, you can find street vendors selling all kinds …

Perpetuating A Nation

Guatemalans are not known for being patriotic; yeah Guatever! Nevertheless, we do have our patriotic symbols like El Quetzal, our most beautiful …

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

The Maya is a civilization really preoccupied with the unbearable lightness of being and masochistic on top of it all by keeping a long count which shows how insignificant we really are. We humans, however, we really muddle ourselves with all kinds of fixations, preoccupations and obsessions like dates.

Guatemalan Independence Day Bunting

As the Guatemalan Independence Day approaches, one begins to see all the bunting in windows and doorways around Antigua Guatemala. Since Jeff …