Fair Food

mole and buñuelos

With the season’s celebrations comes the ever-present traditional fair food. Here we have a shot of Guatemalan mole and buñuelos in the foreground and Pirujos, the name for Guatemalan sandwiches, in the background.

Guatemalan mole is very similar to mole poblano, which is a chocolate and chili based sauce (over simplification of the ingredients). One big difference is that mole poblano is a meal with chicken or turkey, while Guatemalan mole is a dessert of plantains ladled with chocolate sauce or mole for short.

Guatemalan buñuelos are kind like round French toast and they are served with a lot syrup made from water, sugar, cinnamon sticks, all-spice just to name the main ingredients.

Both of these sweet desserts are welcome for the chilly and windy season. Bon appetite!

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