Canto por los Derechos Humanos Concert in La Antigua Guatemala

Canto por los Derechos Humanos Poster

The poster above is about a concert promoting the Human Rights in Guatemala. The concert was held in La Antigua Guatemala’s Central Park and the listed bands were Radio Viejo, Unicornio, Yoyito, Caja Lúdica, Amigos de la Marimba de San Pedro Carchá.

Human Rights are not respected nor enforced in Guatemala. From babies, women, man and everybody really, their human rights are violated often, if not daily.

I believe that the Procurador de los Derechos Humanos in Guatemala should be holding these sort of concerts and awareness campaigns at the police stations, at the adoption lawyers union, at any kind of lawyers associations, in courts, and in congress, just to name a few of the places where human rights are violated the most.

What is your view on the subject of Human Rights in Guatemala?

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