Guatemalan Cuisine: Higado encebollado

Guatemalan Cuisine: Higado encebollado

We visit the daily menu again with today’s higado encebollado, liver with onions. It is so ironic that one can get home-made style healthier food for less through the discounted Menú del día, daily menu special, found at most diners and restaurants; don’t you agree. This Higado encebollado took me back to my grandmother’s cooking; what an incredible nostalgic culinary trip!

When was the last time you had higado encebollado?

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  • Erick

    Funny enough, I used to dislike that dish when I was a kid, but it’s been so long since I last had it that I actually wish I could have it now. It looks so good in that picture. I’m surprised there are no tortillas laying next to it.

  • Guy

    Yes, I was force-fed liver as a kid too.

  • Erick

    @Guy: I agree, “force-fed” is a more appropriate term. And it’s not as if I could just leave it there and walk away. It was either eat it, or get whooped and end up eating it anyways.

  • Stephanie

    It looks yummy, but liver is one of the few foods I really do not like. But I would be willing to try this one. And my mother-in-law would love this! It’s one of her favorite foods.

  • Javier

    Guy, Erick and Stephanie, it is good to know that I am not alone in this world; everywhere I turned people tell me how good liver is; My wife tried to sneak it on my lunch box when we first got married. I told her never to do that again. I tried it again as an adult and still did not like it. Rudy, thanx for bringing back those bad memories, j/k. The onions, guacamole and rice do look good though.

  • Eric

    When my mother made it back in my campesino days. Sorry, amigos, but — I love this stuff !