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Taking A Short Break

Often we hear that Guatemala is a country of contrasts. Even I try to show it often and what better way to …


Three Generations

Resistance through culture; culture through textiles; textiles as heritage; heritage as identity; identity as resistance. What do you think?


Guatemalan Indigenous Women

Here’s the follow-up photo to yesterday’s rear view mirror vista. In this picture, you can appreciate the different cortes worn by the …


Rear View Mirror Vistas

Some people like photos without people; aseptic and sterile images pues. I am the opposite. To me what makes the image interesting …


Wear it with Pride (Part 3)

Sure, you say, the traje indí­gena is a far out outfit, but are there really symbols encoded in these garments? Once again, …


Wear It With Pride (Part 1)

Last week, as we watch the delegations parade at the Beijing 2008 Olympics Inauguration, I was thinking how wonderful it was to …


On the Way to the Maize Mill

The Guatemalan way of life is rapidly disappearing right in front of our eyes. Today’s entry is such a case, as the …


Talking About the Future Under the New Social Democratic Government

Like these two ladies, many wonder if the new Social Democratic cabinet will be more inclusive and responsive to the needs of the masses and hope that just having one woman Ministra and one indigenous Ministro (Secretary of an executive department) in a country where 60% of the population are indigenous and at least, if not more, 50% of the population are women, will not be a handicap when the times comes to address the needs of the aforementioned people, which in turn represent the majority of the population.