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Nine Days of Posadas

We interrupt our regularly scheduled December comfort foods series to bring you the following special bulletin. Since yesterday night, December 15, there …


Chirimilla Flute and Drums from Guatemala

How can simple instruments and uncomplicated and repetitive sounds create a profound, hauntingly, bewitching and fascinating musical experience? How can Guatemalans explain …


Feast of the Cross

Día de la Santa Cruz (Day of the Holy Cross) is celebrated in Guatemala and other Latin American countries on May 3rd …


Holy Week Precessional Music

The Holy Week in Guatemala is a full five senses overwhelming experience. As you follow the processions all five senses are bombarded …


The Kite Runner

Those of you, who have followed the daily updates of La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo for a while, would know already how …


Play it with Pride (Part I)

Regardless of how I may feel about the marimba, this instrument and its waling sound are very important to Guatemalans all over. …


Wear It With Pride (Part 1)

Last week, as we watch the delegations parade at the Beijing 2008 Olympics Inauguration, I was thinking how wonderful it was to …


Healthy Lunch: Chef Salad and The New Yorker

Every once in a while is good to stop eating Guatemalan food and eat something healthy, like a chef salad from La Fuente restaurant. A salad and the New Yorker Magazine is what I consider a healthy lunch. The article about an unknown photographer by the name of Eugene De Salignac and his photo of painters spreading out like musical notes, on the Brooklyn Bridge, over the sky line of New York, was most definitely the best dessert I have had in a long while.