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Ciudad Vieja’s New Square

Over two years ago, I shared with you the new look of the square right across from the temple of Ciudad Vieja. …

The Bride from Ciudad Vieja

The Bride from Ciudad Vieja

Not too long ago I came across this bride as she was getting ready to enter the temple of Ciudad Vieja. The …

Visiting Ciudad Vieja

As soon as you step outside downtown Antigua Guatemala, you can find the REAL Guatemala. A quick visit to Ciudad Vieja, about …


Hills Around Ciudad Vieja

This patchwork can be seen on the hills around Ciudad Vieja and I was asked to photograph it for nostalgia reason by …


Real Guatemala: Los albañiles

Of course, we can not leave out the albañiles, construction workers, from a series about the Real Guatemala. I don’t know if …


Clock Tower in Ciudad Vieja

I honestly wonder if any of the public clocks in Guatemala actually work. The clock tower in Ciudad Vieja for instance has …


Guatemalan Catholic Women

You talkin’ to me? No. Honest I am not talking to you… I believe that Antigua Guatemala and the surrounding villages are …

Guatemalan Mother's Day by Rudy Girón

Guatemalan Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day always falls on May 10 in Guatemala. Thus, today is a holiday for mothers in Guatemala and many mamás get …

Main Plaza of Ciudad Vieja by Rudy Girón

Main Plaza of Ciudad Vieja

In my recent incursions to Ciudad Vieja I’ve happily surprised of all the new improvements done around the town. The plazuela right …

Ciudad Vieja's Fountain by Rudy Girón

Ciudad Vieja’s Fountain

If Antigua Guatemala means the Former Guatemala City, then Ciudad Vieja (Old City) would mean the former former Guatemala City. For a …


Little gray boxes on the hillside, Little gray boxes made of ticky-tacky

Anyhow, what’s got Little boxes to do with today’s entry. Well, once you listen to Little boxes or Las Casitas del Barrio Alto, you’d know it is impossible to get them out of your head. In a recent trip to México over the weekend we took the new road Carretera 14 to reach the highway that takes us to Southeast México. Carretera 14 is part of the road which will circumvent La Antigua Guatemala and some of the villages. In other words, Carretera 14 is the backbone for what will be the periférico around La Antigua Guatemala. Carretera 14 is also one the most beautiful stretches of road in Guatemala.

Ciudad Vieja Cathedral Dome

In the picture above you can see the dome of the Ciudad Vieja Cathedral; a town four kilometers away from La Antigua Guatemala. Now a little trivia information. Ciudad Vieja was the second settlement of Guatemala City right before they moved it to where La Antigua Guatemala is now. Thus, its name means Old City or Ciudad Vieja in Spanish (check the aerial shots of Ciudad Vieja).