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Real Guatemala: Los novios

Even though you can not fully see the girlfriend, believe me she’s there, she just pulled her upper body to be in …

Alone and Lonely by Rudy Giron

Alone and Lonely

Alone and lonely are two things that first came to my mind when I took this photo and especially so after I …


Acatenango ahumado

After being away for so long in El Petén, and dealing with a lot of archaeological photography. Anyway, in one of those …


Listen to this Maximón…

I love black and white photography! Even though my photographic signature is actually rich, vibrant saturated colors, I really love what can …


Maximón Lives!

A few months ago, I posted as part of the Theme Day some Maximón effigies made from wood, now holly wood really …


Father’s Day in Guatemala

Today, for instance, in Guatemala we celebrate Día del padre, Father’s Day. So I decided to share with you three photos of a series of a father and her daughter having a tender lunch. The little girl refused to take the byte unless her dad gave it to her on the mouth. These three photos are in reverse order, so the first frame is the thumbnail on the right, next the thumbnail of the left and finally the photograph above as they break into smiles and happy moments. There other photos with both of them smiling, but I love the mirada juguetona, playful look of the lit


Stop Pacaya, Stop!

I can easily hear a lot of Guatemalans asking just that: Stop Pacaya, Stop! For those who don’t know, Pacaya is the …


Theme Day: Lines

I have decided to participate on the monthly theme of the City Daily Photo sites again. You may not know it, but …


I Am Fofo!

I am the Walrus… I am Fofo… I am the Walrus. Honest. Fofo is short in Guatemalan Spanish for Rodolfo, which is …